Ambassador Program – WealthFest Africa

Ambassador Program

 Ambassador Program

The WealthFest Africa Ambassadors represent and promote WealthFest Africa in their respective regions. The WealthFest Africa Ambassadors are a diverse and international team of entrepreneurs and regional leaders who have experienced WealthFest Africa and now work together to promote initiatives to expand WealthFest Africa and collaborate with local stakeholders to disseminate cooperation across their community.

In this Ambassador Program we expect Ambassadors to attend or set up regional events, encourage local teams and support the implementation of new WealthFest Africa initiatives. Our ambassadors link us to communities around the world and provide us with insightful feedback so we can connect, innovate and trade.

Through our program, ambassadors receive tools and experiences, access to events, get products to test, meet a network of like-minded people, and grow their influence in the community. This partnership opens up new opportunities also revenue sharing and the creation of a win-win culture.


  1. Connect, encourage innovation and trade

The WealthFest Africa community is made up of over thousands of entrepreneurs and holds tremendous potential in impacting the development of WealthFest Africa. The WealthFest Africa Ambassadors work with stakeholders to build a support network which enables entrepreneurs to share their experiences and to give back to the African community through trade. The WealthFest Africa Ambassadors work with members to create workshops, receptions, and other events to bring togethers members past, present, and future to create a vibrant and supportive WealthFest Africa community.

  1. Increase the visibility of WealthFest Africa

Increasing the visibility of WealthFest Africa is essential for the development of a strong movement for Africa. By increasing the awareness of WealthFest Africa amongst various groups such as government and industry, WealthFest Africa Ambassadors aim to increase the number of participating members and the number of people talking about WealthFest Africa. WealthFest Africa Ambassadors work toward this goal through talks, presentations, and workshops at conferences, meetings with stakeholders, and other events. By bringing WealthFest Africa to the attention of important stakeholders, we hope to generate more interest and support for members and entrepreneurs on their path to accomplishing wealth in Africa.

How to Apply

WealthFest Africa Ambassadors are chosen for their creativity, initiative and independence as well as their connections within their business community, their experience and their knowledge of WealthFest Africa.

Applicants should send a proposal to WealthFest Africa that clearly outlines how they intend to promote the organisation in their country, region or sector. The proposal should include creative ways to expand WealthFest Africa membership.

All applications will be screened by s Sponsor Select panel, which will use the following criteria to choose the ambassadors:

  • Knowledge of and connection to key actors in the national/regional business, media and industry
  • Knowledge of WealthFest Africa
  • Knowledge of current gaps and opportunities
  • An understanding of key target groups
  • Willingness to develop a 3-year plan with clear outcomes and understanding of how this plan will contribute to strengthening WealthFest Africa
  • Evidence of personal initiative and creativity in thinking through pathways and solutions
  • Additionally, applicants will need to include the names and email addresses of two references from the country or region, who can vouch for their suitability and commitment.

Applications can be sent at any time and will be considered by the panel on an ongoing basis. Please send applications to the Chairman of WealthFest Africa, and leaders of the ambassador initiative.

We look forward to hearing from those interested in becoming involved in this way with WealthFest Africa, the place where Africans and friends of Africa come to connect, innovate and trade. 

The Chairman, WealthFest Africa, Leader of the ambassador initiative, [email protected]