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Dr Harnet Bokrezion

Dr. Harnet is an internationally renowned and certified Africa Business Trainer, Speaker, and Author. She shows ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs in the Diaspora how to start doing business in Africa FAST, while cutting down time and cost. She teaches you winning strategies for Africa that no one else so powerfully communicates and has trained thousands how to work smartly in an African business context.

Dr. Harnet has spent over 20 years (6 of them as an entrepreneur) working in and with Africa in an economic development context and she is on a mission to teach you how to become part of Africa‘s renaissance while building ethical wealth for yourself.

Dr. Harnet has been featured on Forbes Africa, the high-profile Africa CEO Forum, The Africa Business Club of Air France / KLM, Newsweek, BBC Tigrinya, and New Times Rwanda. She spoke at Google in Silicon Valley and lead a panel at the Africa Business Conference of Harvard University. Above all, she has a passion to help you succeed in Africa!

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WealthFest Africa (WEFA) 2020, a state of the art, virtual conference with high-level speakers, exhibitors and sponsors from different fields will be held on Nov 27th - 28th 2020, bringing together delegates across the world. WEFA 2020 is more than a masterclass, with the opportunity of forming strategic alliances across Africa for trade. With an enabling environment for trade in Africa, it provides for disruption of the African narrative, strategically shifting focus from "aid" to "trade". WEFA is a movement that launches on the 27th of November 2020 and rolling into the future.

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