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Gladness Katega

Gladness supports female entrepreneurs who face trials in life, learn how to overcome challenges, "Rise from pain to purpose" by providing coaching & mentoring services in the UK and through IAMWOMANPRENEUR Limited to women worldwide.

Gladness has served women internationally providing business coaching services and personal support. She empowers women to follow their dreams and passions despite challenges that life may throw at them & discover their purpose.

Gladness is a business consultant for over 10 years with a passion for entrepreneurship development in Africa. She lives a purposeful life of supporting women to unleash their queen identity through her courses, coaching, workshops & events.

Join her in WealthFest Africa as she seeks to bring together business people across the continent of Africa to learn and network with an aim of exploring the diverse opportunities available in the continent of Africa. Time has come for us to move from Aid to Trade, so that we can liberate ourselves from handouts to creating generational wealth.

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Gladness Katega

  • Founder / CEO - Iamwomanpreneur Ltd
  • Founder/ MD - Tanzania Business Club Ltd
  • Founder / CEO - The African World Business
  • Associates (TAWBA)
  • Founder - International Gathering of Female
  • Champions - igofc
  • Managing Director - GSO Business Solutions
  • East Africa ltd
  • Managing Director - Tempus Accom,
  • Properties & Management
  • First Ever Miss Tanzania UK 2007