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Hilary Queen

Hilary is the founder and CEO of HQAdesigns and an award-winning Interior Architect/ Architectural Designer who has recently graduated from Nottingham Trent University with an Honors Distinction at the Masters Level, and Architectural degree from the oxford school of Architecture.

Hilary’s firm HQAdesigns is a renowned global interior design and architecture firm specializing in detail driven luxury residential and commercial projects for private clients and property developers worldwide. Hilary’s projects include hotel interior design, residential and commercial projects. HQAdesign's devoted design team approaches every unique project carefully considering client lifestyles preferences and personal needs, whilst interpreting tastes and ambitions to create the perfect luxurious environment.

Reinvention, experiments and conceptual metaphors are key aspects of her design philosophy. Hilary’s unique workflow includes the initial curation of an intrinsic concept, 3D modelling, and 3D visualizations. Hilary uses a combination of architectural theory and analysis to design solutions that are specific to the environment and communities, this is shown in the curation of the initial design concept for the interior design of the Barista project in Abu Dhabi.

Hilary has had the ability to foresee great residential, commercial and governmental projects worldwide. From being contracted onto the team as an interior architect on the design of the new eco-city of the Gambia to acclaimed residential developments in The Netherlands.

Hilary’s passion lies in gaining an understanding of architectural styles that focus on the balance between tying the decorative styles of contemporary arts into our environment and humanity with the constant goal of improving our planet and lives of people.

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