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Lincoln Ongalo

Lincoln Ongalo

Lincoln Ongalo Lukose is a student aged 19 currently studying Biomedical Engineering abroad, he has just completed his first year in University. Lincoln aspires to be a successful entrepreneur, and has already started his journey on doing so.

He is the founder of Ajobintime, a platform which provides students the opportunity to showcase their skills to the world, while also giving back to the community by completing online digital tasks, such as article writing, video editing, logo making tasks etc. granting them valuable experiences
and also income. Ajobintime also equips Students with the chance to Learn or pick up new useful skills, such as Digital Marketing, Freelance Writing, Graphic Design because Ajobintime has a collection of quality, vetted, experienced professional Tutors whose sole purpose on Ajobintime is to educate Students.

Lincoln dreams of making Ajobintime a Student Hub, a place where students can go to Learn, Grow and Connect with each other. He believes that students are innovative, intelligent, and very adaptable, and he states that the best time to express innovation, change in our communities when one is still youthful. As our brain is operating at its best at those age ranges, knowing this
Lincoln ultimately wants for students to come together and discuss creative ways that we can benefit our communities together.

Lincoln was recently featured in a riveting and inspirational online live conference where he was among a group of Experts in the Field of IT, discussing the future of eCommerce and Technology in Kenya. The conference was hosted by The School Of Wisdom, the outcome was a two hour dialogue wrapped with motivational energy, hoping to educate the viewers about the endless possibilities and opportunities that Kenya has to hold.

Alongside his business, Lincoln also partakes in Church projects, and affairs. Lincoln has been a part of the Worship Team since he was 8, starting on the congas then progressed to the electric guitar and is now playing the bass guitar. Praise and worship has always been a big part of Lincoln’s life and he is grateful that it is.

Lincoln has also given back to the community in several ways, he has Tutored Students In mathematics and physics, travelled to schools to teach primary schooled children how to play football he also partook in a competition where the main incentive was to design solutions for the disabled.