Pastor Elvis Iruh is today well known within the African communities and the Diaspora community in general in Europe and around some other parts of the world as an established journalist, writer, publisher and a preacher.

Born to a humble family of Mr. Samuel Iruh and Suzie Omoroje, his journey started on 9th April 1965 in a place called Owa-Alero, in Ika North East Local Government area of Delta State in Nigeria.

After completing both his primary and secondary school education, his choice of becoming a journalist overruled every other ambition of his father who wanted him to become a Doctor. His passion for journalism took him to Nigeria Institute of Journalism; Lagos where he graduated in 1984 and ever since he has grown in size and status.

He has worked round the media field as a newsroom reporter, correspondent, sports correspondent, Features writer, newspaper Editor, co-publisher and finally publishing his own magazine in the Netherlands.

The journey has not been a smooth sail, during the infamous June 12 1993 saga in Nigeria, he was arrested a couple of times and put behind bars charged with sedition and treason but luckily he escaped those hardships to tell his tales today.

He is a holder of Advance Diploma in Mass Communication (University of Lagos); a Diploma in Journalism (Nigeria Institute of Journalism) with speciality in Print and Broadcast journalism.

Among employments he has held before going into full time ministry and being sent to Kenya as a missionary Pastor in 2006 includes the followings:

While in Nigeria, he was a news reporter at Radio Lagos, Sports reporter at City News, TNT Evening newspaper, Editor, Evening News, Editor at Razor Magazine, Editor at Weekend Flash and corresponded for West Africa magazine (London), New Africa magazine (London), The Trumpet newspaper (London)

On arrival in the Netherlands, he worked in several media organizations and he continued to write. He was correspondent to Internationale Samerwerking magazine, in The Hague & other Dutch Newspapers like Volkskrant, Trouw, NRC, De Pers and local Radio stations as a Presenter at Radio Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, (Salto) and Radio Mundo Amsterdam.

Within the African community, he was appointed Deputy Editor, Insight Magazine, a Nigerian news journal in the Netherlands; a Contributor to Ghanaian News runner, Amsterdam; Writer for Haagse OndersteuningsFunctie, publishers of Future magazine - A news magazine for Refugees in the Netherlands;

He was special Adviser to Refugee Aid Council, Rotterdam in areas of documentation.

He was also an Instructor/trainer at the Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam. On leaving this job, he established and became the Editor-in-Chief, The Voice magazine, the first complete African magazine published in the Netherlands since August 1999. Over 20 years of publishing and continuing to strive harder to make the voice of Diaspora Africans to be heard around the world.

Pastor Elvis Iruh has used his vast experience and knowledge as a media person to contribute to various organizations and institutions around the world. He is a member of several organizations including the following: -

       Member of the European Association of Journalists;

  Member of the Commonwealth Journalists Association, headquarters in London;

  •  Member of the Foreign Press Association in The Netherlands;
  •  A member of the Nederlandse Vereniging van Journalisten (NVJ) (Dutch Union of Journalists).
  • Europe Co-ordinator: People Against Drug Dependence & Ignorance (PADDI), a Non-governmental organization. (Stichting Paddi Europa);
  • Founder of African Media Forum (AMF)
  • Founding member of the African Media Practitioners in the Diaspora (AMPD), Netherlands branch

He has been recognised by the Nigerian Embassy in the Hague for his contribution to media development within the African community.

He is an award winner in media community development by the Amsterdam Bible College.

Also a recipient of UCIP International Media Award in Switzerland (1998). He has over a dozen other awards/recognitions for his work for humanity.

Pastor Elvis Iruh is a passionate person with sports as he plays football, table tennis and badminton and he loves to read, write and travel. This actually is not his first book, he wrote his first book back in May 2005. He is the Author and publisher of the book; “KASIMAWO LALOKO: A FOOT­BALL VOYAGE (A biography)”.

He has contributed to other publications like “People Building Peace” (35 Inspiring stories from Around the World). Twice he has been published in this book by European Centre for Conflict Prevention in co-operation with IFOR and the Coexistence Initiative of State of the World Forum.

He has also received several recognitions for his contribution to community development; notably the Amsterdam Bible College; the government of the Republic of the Gambia, the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, the Republic of Kenya through their missions in the Netherlands and Belgium. The Nigerian Missions in Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania and The Netherlands among others within the media fraternity have recognized him.

Two years ago, he was appointed a Goodwill Ambassador for a United Nations Agency for his work in protecting children suffering from autism.

Despite all of these things that he has achieved, he prides himself simply as a servant of the most high God and he simply wants to be acknowledged for working in God’s vineyard than any other things he has accomplished so far in life.

Pastor Elvis Iruh is a family man married to Sandra Iruh-Monsels; they have two beautiful daughters, Deborah Iruh and Esther Iruh and their other adopted children outside the Netherlands.