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Posso Ganame

Posso Ganame is a Petroleum Engineer with Occidental Oil and Gas Corporation (OXY) since 2012. He is an expert on data management with a track record of providing quality data management services that have resulted in the reduction of operations cost and increased productivity as the head of his audit team.

Mr Ganame is not just a skilled engineer but also a passionate entrepreneur with strong business acumen who has for over a decade, founded and co-founded several successful businesses in various industries spanning from the financial sector to the automotive and logistics sectors.

As the CEO of BG Logistics LLC in May 2018, he received the G7 award which honors Houston’s seven (7) Best Entrepreneurs in the U.S., by the Houston International Trade Center. And in June 2019, he received a second award as the Best Burkina Diaspora Businessman.

A young and talented entrepreneur with foresight, Ganame is the President of Texas-West Africa Chamber of Commerce whose vision is to become the premier economic platform between West African Nations and the United States. The Houston-based Chamber of Commerce is open to American and West African firms to increase and strengthen trade ties.