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Scott Montgomery

Scott is the founding CEO of WellteQ and is based in Singapore. Trained as an exercise physiologist, Scott has harnessed his commercial acumen across the past 15 years and is leading the digital wave of employee wellness through innovative partnerships into large employers globally.

Scott and his co-founders built a prototype solution from Perth to address the gaps they identified in current workplace wellness programs. The prototype gained extremely positive reception, with this in hand, Scott relocated the business to Singapore in 2014 to redesign and rebuild the proposition, but this time with real technology horsepower.

Jeames joined the crusade and their next 2 years is littered with growth milestones – expansion across and then outside APAC, worlds first wearable-integrated mental wellness solution, real-time engagement analytics engine, keynote speaker positions throughout APAC, Europe and the US, selected to be Garmin’s official corporate wellness platform for APAC. The business capabilities outgrew the company name, in August 2017 the company rebranded to WellteQ to continue its path and its very bold vision.

The concept was, and still is simple. Use technology to help people overcome their complacency inertia around health. By engaging with people as employees, we can not only create better environments to work in every day, we can help people, and their employers truly thrive through better health.

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