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Tony Brennan

Tony is a business leader with a proven track record in the education, health and corporate sectors. He currently specializes in education and health technology globally as Founder and CEO of Talisium (, one of the world’s largest online learning solutions for the health and medical sector providing more than 4,500 online courses and 40,000+ educational resources to healthcare professionals in 28 countries.

Through Talisium, Tony developed a new education model that is currently taking unemployed and uneducated women out of poverty in Africa by giving them a four week course and guaranteed employment on graduation earning 5.8x the starting salary of a degree qualified nurse in their home country. In addition to Talisium,

Tony is an Adjunct Professor of Law and the founding director, former Chairman and current director of Australia's peak body for education technology and innovation which drives connection, collaboration and acceleration of education technology solutions amongst Universities, Governments and industry.

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WealthFest Africa (WEFA) 2020, a state of the art, virtual conference with high-level speakers, exhibitors and sponsors from different fields will be held on Nov 27th - 28th 2020, bringing together delegates across the world. WEFA 2020 is more than a masterclass, with the opportunity of forming strategic alliances across Africa for trade. With an enabling environment for trade in Africa, it provides for disruption of the African narrative, strategically shifting focus from "aid" to "trade". WEFA is a movement that launches on the 27th of November 2020 and rolling into the future.

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