WealthFest Africa - Ticket
WealthFest Africa - Ticket

WealthFest Africa - Ticket

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WealthFest Africa - Ticket

Theme: “Connect, Collaborate & Create lasting wealth for Africa by Africans”

Objective of Conference:  To bring together African leaders and politicians in order to position Africa as the next frontier.

  • To network and develop partnerships within the continent addressing:

    1. advent of ACFTCA
    2. Improving intra-Africa trade (currently at 15%),
    3. positioning Africa as the next big frontier for trade through the networks,
    4. connecting diaspora to Africa and positioning the next generation (youth),
    5. mobilizing home grown and diaspora capital for investment into African businesses,
    6. to recognize and celebrate Africa Diaspora


  • Target: Ambitious pan Africanists, Entrepreneurs, business executives in Africa and African Diaspora 

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