FREE - Multi Million Online Business Program - For Passive Income. By – WealthFest Africa
FREE - Multi Million Online Business Program - For Passive Income. By Dr Beatrice

FREE - Multi Million Online Business Program - For Passive Income. By Dr Beatrice


 Introduction: Proven Secrets for an Online Business

Here, I teach you the four most important things I learnt about online business in 1998 that will transform your life forever. A very timely topic that will take you from the tactical or academic side to the emotional side of online business that you are not taught in school. 

 Sound Online Business Mindset

My goal here is to help you gain the right momentum and the right mindset that will help you through thick and thin to navigate through the business challenges without fear. I will be teaching you something totally unique that will take you from being fearful to fearless and from being a procrastinator to a doer. Topics covered are:

⦁ The top-secret about PROCRASTINATION that will free you completely.
⦁ 4 things I learnt about FEAR from my first online business that will transform your mindset. 5 minutes

 The Online Business Map

The second thing that I learnt is how to never ever forget the key online business essentials by applying this special formula I call the Online Business Equation. We shall also cover the Inner Law of Money, a secret that is not taught in school. Which is so important because once you know the inner game of money aspects of money, you will be able to start building a healthy relationship with it.Topics covered are:

⦁ Lessons billionaires learn about MONEY that attract wealth.
⦁ The ONLINE BUSINESS EQUATION that will transform the way you create value.

 Online Business Communication

We shall cover the mechanics of a good message that raises hairs on your prospect’s arms. It’s a message that says to people, we understand your pains, we understand you as a person, we understand your market, we understand what you're going through, we know what it's like and we can help you get to where you want to go

⦁ Here is the ONLINE BUSINESS MESSAGE TRICK to craft your message to resonate with the market.
⦁ Here is what makes you a FEARLESS SPEAKER without ever forgetting your speech.

 Exponential Growth - The Ultimate Gift

I'll show you how to use the right systems to ensure your business is generating Revenue; Profits; getting Customers with predictability. So you can grow your customer base and influence fast 24/7. The topic covered:

⦁ The Ultimate Price to Exponential Growth that Billionaire Companies use.