WealthFest Africa - Virtual Exhibitor
WealthFest Africa - Virtual Exhibitor

WealthFest Africa - Virtual Exhibitor

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Exhibitor Benefits extend up to six months after the event:

1. Enable exhibitors to set up their own virtual booths

2. Feature videos and live streams on the exhibitor’s profile page

3. Promote exhibitors through social media

4. Use gamification to encourage attendees to explore different exhibits

5. Survey attendees and pair them with exhibitors

6. Have exhibitors arrange virtual workshops with attendees

7. Email attendees a brochure with information on all exhibitors before the event

8. Use online coupons to incentivize attendees to check out the exhibitors

9. Schedule designated blocks of time in which attendees are encouraged to explore the exhibits

10. Generate a report to compare this event to past in-person ones

11. Keep exhibitor pages active six months after the event is over

12. Increasing attendee size increases opportunities for exhibitors to generate leads